Mission Statement

To raise awareness and educate the public about Lupus, provide advocacy, case management, counseling, and other resources to lupus patients, and create strategic partnerships in the Los Angeles community. 

About Us

The Center for Lupus Care, Inc. (CLC), an Information Center based in Inglewood, opened its doors in August 2003 with a mission to educate the general population about Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (commonly known as SLE or lupus) and Discoid Lupus. Created to ensure that all patients, especially the underserved, are exposed to lupus education, CLC also assists with developing coping skills, securing superior medical care, advocating for any patient and/or family member as well as hosting a support group that raises awareness and gives patients a platform to be heard. The support group, made up of more than two hundred women and three men meet the fourth Friday of each month and new members continue to join every month. Clinical case management and counseling provided by social workers and graduate students of USC and Dominguez Hills School of Social Work is available for center-affiliated patients.

Many of these services are made available through lectures, seminars, symposiums, and workshops that are facilitated by leading lupus specialists and Social Workers in Southern California. CLC has even created a database of qualified rheumatologists who understand not only the intricacies of the disease, but also the ramifications and the level of medical care necessary to ensure survival and quality of life.

CLC houses a comprehensive on-site library of books, brochures, pamphlets and CD’s that offer the most current and up-to-date information on lupus and the ramifications of the disease. The library is open and accessible for anyone to come, sit, read and research lupus and other auto-immune disorders as well as other diseases that affect a large percentage of the African American population.

Think you might have lupus?  Check out this slideshow on WebMD.com:

“For if in any manner we can stimulate this instinct, new
passages are opened for us into nature, the mind flows into
and through things hardest and highest, and the
metamorphosis is possible.”

- Ralph W. Emerson

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